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Pest Busters Omaha
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United States

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Bed Bug Company Omaha to complete services related to bed bug removal. You will need to look at the specialized services that bed bug exterminators complete like chemical treatments and eco-friendly treatments. There is the specialized bed bug heat treatment process that we complete. In today’s everchanging environment, customers are looking at all the options related to how they can protect the environment by finding ways to eliminate bed bugs with out using chemicals an insecticides.Studies about the bed bug lifecycle has shown that bed bugs have become resistant to insecticides which is causing more bed bug infestations. The study found that a large portion of the bed bug population are becoming more resistant to chemical treatments. Customers need to review all options related on how to remediate bed bugs for their home or business. Insecticides will require multiple treatments. Insecticides can also be an issue to adults, children and pets that live in the home. There may be new risks that arise when using chemical treatments in a home or business and our customers need to be aware of them.Today we are faced with finding ways to protect the environment by using eco-friendly ways. The Bed Bug Company Omaha has an environmentally and eco-friendly way to remediate bed bugs by using our bed bug heat treatment process. This process is the best way to eliminate bed bugs and is extremely safe for homeowners and businesses. We use special heaters that heat the room to 150 degrees including the walls, mattress and all other areas in the room. The bug heat treatment will take 3 to 4 hours to complete. This process will kill all bugs and larva in the room with out the use of insecticides. The heat treatment process is very environmentally friendly.
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